I custom manufacture all types of motorcycle exhausts to meet your requirements. Whatever exhaust system you require for your motorcycle, I will be able to create it for you. I also carry quite a range in stock as well. Made from all different materials depending upon your requirements. Black painted, chromed, stainless steel or aluminium.

With a heritage of motorcycle racing results from on the track or in the dirt, to the most extravagant show bike trophy winner or the perfect restoration or for the everyday rider, Cycleworks has been there, and still is.

Looking for the right exhaust system for your bike?

Take a moment to consider what are the most important things in an exhaust that would make you feel you are obtaining just what you are looking for? Is it Performance? Sound? Price? Appearance? Long life? Tuning? or is it a Unique design?

You have come to the right place. Send me an email, perhaps a picture as well of what you require.


Cycleworks specialize in all types of exhaust systems for motorcycles, from economical replacement exhausts right up to high tech racing or show bikes. Affordable to extravagant. With over 40 years of experience, I give you the assurance I can produce exactly what you desire in your specialized exhaust system.

I am here to listen to you and ensure you receive exactly the system you are looking for.

Have a special bike? Now you need a special exhaust to personalize it to the way you want it? Contact Cycleworks and see if I can help you create what you are looking for. I still have some jigs for many different models, as I will have to list, and these I am able to freight directly out to you. For other models I do not list, or if you require specialised attention, come out and see me with your bike.